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Growing up, most kids say they want to be something like a police officer, a doctor, a teacher, or firefighter. My 5 year old self was no different, I spent my entire childhood insistent that I wanted to be a veterinarian. Until I picked up my first camera. I quickly discovered that I had a deep rooted passion for art that had been neglected. I was obsessed with the idea of being able to create my own pieces, having an idea in my mind and watching it come to life with the touch of my own two hands was mesmerizing.

I started small, taking senior photos of my friends in high school for the fun of it, but by the time I hit college I came to realize that I was not taking full advantage of the incredible area I live in.

My now, husband and I started hiking during our educational careers at the University of Washington, it was fun to explore the hidden treasures that Washington has to offer. I remember the first time I took my camera with us, it was game over. I knew from that point on that this is what I wanted to do. I loved taking portraits of people, getting to meet new couples or excitable young high school students getting ready to start their lives. I loved hearing their stories and getting to be the one to capture their love, passion, excitement,  in an image.

I also love my state, I have traveled all over, coming from a military family, and never in any of the places that I have lived, have I seen a place offer as much beauty in every direction as Washington. So, I decided to combine the two! I absolutely love taking my brides and grooms, expectant mothers, truly any of my clients, on great adventures to explore the incredible PNW!

Not only do we get to create wonderful art together, unique to them, but I get to see the looks on their faces when many of them take in the true beauty of our state for the first time, and then realize they get to take it home with them in the images we create together! This job, if I can even call it a job, truly feels more like some kind of unrealistic dream that I could wake up from at any minute, where I don't have to work and am simply getting paid to travel to all the places I love, practicing that art I love; But for arguments sake, this job is more than I could ever ask for.

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