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Being a photographer who considers herself more of a storyteller than anything else, I fondly remember every person I've ever photographed. It all started with my first camera- an early 90's point and shoot with a bright blue shutter button. I took a black and white photo of my parents (that they still have framed), and I don't remember ever being bored as long as I had a camera and someone to photograph.

Sarah and Javier stand out, among all of the couples I've worked with. I love all of my clients, and I felt a little uncomfortable singling out just one couple to write about. Each couple has a love story and it has been my pleasure to pick up my camera and freeze their individual moments. But I am a sentimental fool, and you can't get more sentimental than the wedding of Sarah and Javier.

For starters, they were married in the same exquisite chapel that her sister was married in a few years earlier. They chose this chapel, not only for it's beauty, but because her mother had been in attendance at her sister's wedding in this chapel. Unfortunately, before Sarah was married, her mother passed away. During the ceremony, Sarah laid a single, pink rose on her mother's well-worn bible. My heart thuds in my chest, just recalling this special moment. Sarah's father carried that pink rose with him into the reception, and there might not have been a dry eye in the whole place.

During the ceremony, Sarah's lifelong friends sang a duet and then there was a very moving prayer for the couple that included their current and former pastors. Their faith and strong belief that this day was orchestrated by God could be felt by everyone in that chapel. Both families joined together to celebrate Sarah and Javier's union, and as a photographer I felt less like an observer and more like I just belonged there with them in that moment.

My favorite parts of a wedding, aside from the little details, are the unexpected bits. Like rain that was not forecasted, or an uncooperative ring bearer who decides that running the opposite way is a much better course of action. Unplanned moments tend to be our favorite moments in the end, and I love being the one there to capture them.

I have photographed many weddings, and I have to say that I have never witnessed a couple more excited to be going forward into forever together. I count myself lucky to have been the one to preserve the moments from their wedding, as I do with every wedding I photograph. Really, I'm just glad I picked up a camera when I was a kid and fell in love with storytelling.

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