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Hello! I'm Kendra of Little Blue Bird Photography. (Nice to meet you). I am one half of a husband and wife photography team, the main photographer and editor here at Little Blue Bird.

Our goal is to tell a love story documentary style with unique evocative photos. Once the wedding is over, the dress is hanging in the closet, and the flowers have wilted, and no one can remember the flavor of the cake - but the photos will live on. Friends, children, and grandchildren will look at them for years to come. This is why choosing a wedding photographer is so important and why we take things so seriously when meticulously capturing a big day,

(This is where we come in.)


We are flexible, easy-going, and are up for anything! Our photography is intimate, personal, very detail-oriented and creative. We like to use natural light to create beautiful, sometimes dramatic images.

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I have loved photography since middle school when I got my very first digital camera for Christmas. My pictures were awful - but I swear I have come a long way from taking black and white pictures of latches on garage doors. I love framing a shot. I love telling a story with an image. I started shooting weddings in 2011 and have grown so much since then.

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My favorite shoot so far (this changes just about every time I do a new shoot) is a wedding from this past March that had to quickly be put together in under three months after the bride found out she was pregnant.

IMG_6489 IMG_6436

What was going to be a large wedding weekend in a camp and lots of guests in the fall turned into a wedding of 28 people at a small inn on a lake.

IMG_6287 IMG_7088-2

What I love about these photos is that, since there were so few guests, the bride and groom and I were allowed much more quiet time together than usual.


The photos reflect this kind of intimacy all around. I loved that, rather than a competition for most burlap or prettiest handmade details, this wedding was about two people who love each other.

IMG_8362-2 IMG_7998-2-3 IMG_7960 IMG_7920IMG_7935

We were even able to get a large group shot of all the wedding party and guests together, which was a first for me.


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