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Lindsay Herkert Photography | Austin, TX

I have a deep love and appreciation for documentation, especially through photography. I am  guilty of over-documenting my three children, anxious to capture each fleeting moment. When I get a chance to document the lives and important moments for my clients I feel honored and approach the task with the same love and passion.

Photographing families is when my heart sings. I love the chaos of it. And the honesty of it. I try to encourage parents not to worry if their kiddos are looking at the camera and smiling because it is the imperfect moments that make the perfect photos.

Shooting newborns is my favorite. It often leads to long time clients where I get to watch the children grow and have the honor of capturing this growth. I also like shooting newborns because of the raw emotion involved. There was a time I considered moving my newborn business to a studio setting, but after analyzing it, I realized that that would take away everything I love about newborn shoots. Being in the comfort of the families' home allows for part of the shoot to take on a documentary lifestyle approach. Where real moments are captured, and areas of the home add to the story the photo is telling.

Shooting in the clients home also provides a comfortable atmosphere for the family during a significant time of adjustment. After we complete the lifestyle photos, siblings are free to play and parents are free to relax, making the day a little easier.


Although the lifestyle photos are my favorite from newborn shoots, I recognize that these don't always create the perfect birth announcement photos. So, during the second half of a newborn shoot, I bring in my props and focus solely on capturing the newborn's perfection.

Regardless if the baby is a boy or a girl, I always begin with a clean shot. No hats or headbands or frilly accessories. Just the beauty of the newborn so the family will always have a timeless photo of their newest addition.

And then I move onto the fun accessories highlighting the baby's innocence.

I truly feel so lucky that documenting the important moments in peoples lives is my job. I have met so many inspiring people through this journey and am amazed at how many clients have turned into good friends.

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