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Hello Everyone, I would like for you all to step into the limelight for just a minute.

Limelight Photography was established in 2006 by husband and wife Michael and Rebecca Zoumberos. The company celebrated ten years of success on February 14, 2016. Limelight specializes in wedding photography but will do engagement sessions for contracted clients. Our company though very young boasts success way beyond it’s years of service. Limelight does an average of 100 weddings each year and has done over 1000 weddings in their 10 years of operation.  Limelight is the best wedding photography company on the West Coast of Florida and they cater to majority of Florida's counties and can even facilitate destinations weddings. Limelight prides itself on consistently exuding respectfulness and professionalism at every event and occasion the staff is present. With multiple talented and experienced photographers the company has the ability to cater to a wide variety of needs and ideas. Limelight has been able to build a strong and well-known reputation in the event industry and this has lead to countless awards and the company’s photography has been published over 1000 times. In 2016 Limelight was also announced as being a Platinum Circle Member which means they are among top ten most published wedding photographers in the world and the company plans to expand their brand and continue to remain humble, reliable and consistent.


Working in the wedding industry is quite rewarding and it grants you the opportunity to meet some of the most interesting and lovable couples. Occasionally our photographers meet the most amazing couples and experience weddings they will talk about for years. Morgan and Tyler are  a wonderful example of this. This couple found each other when it was the right time for them. God's perfect timing. Morgan met Tyler at the Red Mesa Cantina for the first time. Upon this first meeting, chemistry struck. Tyler persistent, won Morgan over. Both Morgan and Tyler have such charismatic and fun personalities... this is lovely but what's more, the two are SO thoughtful to others. They put aside themselves and mind others. They are content in life and find joy in the little things. Morgan is an amazing person and made a beautiful bride on the inside and out everyone that work with her fell in love with her as her happiness and joy was contagious. They found a street intersection that was the corner of Tyler and Morgan Street in Downtown Tampa, and that was an important stop that had to be made on their wedding day. It was very easy to be enamored with these two during the wedding session.

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