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Light Sky Photography

My name is Erika and I am young photographer that loves to travel, meet new friends and enjoy life. I am a free spirited and passionate person, especially with things that bring me happiness. Whether it’s diving 30 feet underwater, riding my motorcycle or getting lost in my photography but for the most part coffee and tacos do the trick. To me, photography is an art form that takes me to new places, allows me to have new experiences and express my creativity to its fullest.

Each photo tells a story and I want to bring that to life. Connecting with clients is very important to me – making them feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera is number one goal. After a couple of minutes, you’ll find yourself laughing and having an awesome time! I’m not like other photographers, I’m a cool photographer. I had the absolute pleasure of working with Colleen and Travis. It started out as a typical “they were together for so-and-so years and finally decided to tie the knot” kinda stories but quickly turned into one of the most memorable shoots I’ve had.

They wanted to keep things very simple and decided to get married at the court house. The groom, Travis, arrived first so I did some standard family photos. As soon as we were finished Travis entered the courthouse and I worked with Colleen outside. As Collen and I enter the courthouse we see Travis at the end of the hall, all sorts of panic-stricken. He walks up the hall and says, “I lost my ID last night”. Now, you can’t get married without some form of ID so instantly I also went into panic mode. They both were trying to figure out what to do but, unfortunately, his passport was ALSO expired. It seemed to be one of those bad to worse situations  . Colleen was so upset but these things happen sometimes. In the end they decided to call a friend to marry them at their home. The day was beautiful and we were determined to get them married.

The groomsmen took off to get their home ready and I picked the best location for photos. The setting was a lot more intimate and we even got their furry babies involved in the ceremony, which they wouldn’t have been if they got married at the court house.

At the end, I told them  “Guys! Lets jump in the pool! Let’s finish this with a bang!” Again, it wouldn’t have been as fun at the court house. After all the stress and panicking, they still were able to get married and enjoy with their family and doggies. It was a pretty epic day and I’m so grate to have been a part of it all.  
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