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The World is a Wonderland

I knew I was an artist since 7 when I had to write a paragraph about my future career.  It felt like I was just born that way, a creative, so it would make a good job for me.  At 15, I borrowed my sister's camera and made an album to take to my first photo class, one of the only classes I was excited about.  I loved watching the images emerge in the darkroom at school and my teacher even gave me extra film and paper for dedicating to the craft so much.

This was one of my first photographs.  I took two film negatives and sandwiched them together to create this shot.

I've been doing it for 13 years now and still in love with the process. I've spent time in LA building my portfolio and lived in many other US cities. Most recently, I've worked on myself in ways of world travel and life coaching which has enhanced my connection to each client and their connection to my lens.


I work from the inside out, allowing people to be themselves and their genuine emotions to shine, instead of heavily posing them.  I find inspiration in every unique moment with my camera and with a client/s.  I love natural light and exploring the outdoors on a photo shoot.

I'm able to be fully myself in my work just like the people I photograph.

Now I saturate my life with portraits/headshots, weddings/engagements, family photos, and events! Each type of gig I get influences me to create differently so as time goes on, my style changes and develops.  I never know what job inquiry I'll get next and that's the fun part.



It takes me places and I can't wait to see what happens through my lens in the years to come.  So far, the world is a wonderland

I was on a rooftop in Piano de Sorrento, Italy when this beautiful lightning storm hit before the rain came.

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