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Levi Stolove Photography

I can’t say I have a favorite shoot, there are so many that lodge their way into my heart. I have been taking pictures since I was a little kid, I started my professional career as an editorial and commercial photographer in 2006 and I began shooting weddings almost by chance in 2009, when I had a few couples ask me to shoot their wedding. I didn’t realize how it would draw me in. I am a person who enjoys experiencing the world through emotion and though photography has the potential to be a surface experience, I strive to have my photographs tell a deeper story and with weddings I found a story that has that richness of human experience. Weddings are also a great party, what is depth without joy! I chose this shoot to share because it was one of those weddings that I felt, if only all weddings could be like this! I have many like that every year and I feel grateful for that. The reason this shoot was great and usually the reason any shoot is great is that we connect with each other. When I feel that fun connection between myself and the couple things just flow. Most of my couples I feel a connection to so it is not unusual, there are some I relate to more-perhaps the way we live our lives are more similar. But even if a couple and I lead our lives in a very different way I enjoy finding that connection that is purely human.

This wedding took place in Brooklyn at Ici.

LeviStolovePhotography_CelinaJustin_0004LeviStolovePhotography_CelinaJustin_0007LeviStolovePhotography_CelinaJustin_0005     LeviStolovePhotography_CelinaJustin_0006LeviStolovePhotography_CelinaJustin_0010 LeviStolovePhotography_CelinaJustin_0011 LeviStolovePhotography_CelinaJustin_0008  LeviStolovePhotography_CelinaJustin_0014LeviStolovePhotography_CelinaJustin_0018 LeviStolovePhotography_CelinaJustin_0020 LeviStolovePhotography_CelinaJustin_0022 LeviStolovePhotography_CelinaJustin_0025LeviStolovePhotography_CelinaJustinAdditions_0025 LeviStolovePhotography_CelinaJustinAdditions_0041

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