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Through the Lens by Lisa Trenary

Hello my name is Lisa. My story as a photographer began at a young age when I would spread out our family photos on the floor in our home. I would look at them for hours reliving each memory. Doing what I loved, at the time had no idea a passion was being born that would one day lead to a career in photography.

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In 2003 my mom gave me a Sony 2.o point and shoot, which was my first digital camera. I went for a walk on a ranch, took a close up of a butterfly and that was it! I realized that through the lens I was able to see things I’ve never seen before and I haven’t put the camera down since.

I love photography because it is a way to capture the essence of a moment and highlight the true beauty inside each person. With a camera we are able stop life long enough to snap an image in time so we can relive special memories over and over again. In one click... expression, encounter and emotion are all caught in a single image and without using words, a story is told.

Over the years, I have had the privilege and honor to photograph people who have the ability to bring change and shift culture. Mostly they are known by name or for what they have done to effect lives or even policy. However, if it is possible through photography to show who a person is on the inside rather than just what they have done, that would be a noteworthy goal for any photographer. It's one thing to look at a person, it is another thing entirely to "see" them for who they really are

We spend a lot of time with the people we do life with. It is easy to miss the little things that make up the beauty of who they are. A look, a smile, an endearing gesture… these can go unnoticed as we hurry through life. A photo has the ability to press pause for a moment, to help us “see” in a way that changes how we live or love another.

Photography will make us smile and sometimes cry, help us love more deeply and give us the ability to see ourselves, situations and the people around us in ways we've never quite seen before. It brings honor to the known champions of our time while also revealing stories of our unsung heroes. In one image, we are given the ability to not only remember, but relive the glory of each occasion.

We would be surprised to realize how much of the world around us goes unseen until viewed through a new lens. This is the joy I find as a photographer… to discover, capture and reveal beauty through imagery that may otherwise go unnoticed. I chose a few favorites here of a stunning couple who share a sweet love. I hope they make you smile.

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