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Leena D Photography -Tampa, FL portrait and event photographer.


Hi all!  I'm Leena Dennison, owner and operator of Leena D Photography.

Though currently located and operating out of Tampa, Florida, I am an avid lover of travel and adventure and enjoy shooting in any new setting.  I'd describe my style as crisp and editorial in appeal, involving a mix of posed and free-form imagery.  I wholeheartedly believe in hard work and I take pride in the details, lighting, and clarity of my images, the professionalism I bring to each session or event, and the satisfaction of my clients.



When asked about my favorite sessions, as you can imagine, I have a hard time choosing.  Each session is an emotional and creative investment for me but I'd say what makes a session stand out more in my mind are the people I'm able to connect with; those that can open themselves up more to the situation, have fun, let loose.

Something I have found to be true in almost every session is that people are not generally comfortable in front of a camera, and though I am fully able to work with any comfort level, help crack those true natural smiles, and loosen up those with a tight "camera posture", it's a whole different process when people can really just be themselves.  So, when it comes down to it, the one-on-one sessions where those connections are easier to come by, are what I really adore; models, high-school seniors, brides, etc.


On top of the connection with my clients, I'm also a major fan of working on location.  The changes in scenery, weather, and circumstances bring a thrill and challenge to my work that I crave.


Recently I had two modeling sessions in different, but challenging, weather situations.  The most recent was taken on a day that had a nonstop slow, but steady, rainfall.  The model was already driving on her 2-3 hour route to the location which was set to be outdoors near a local creek, and while I considered other options, I decided that the rain would not only make the images interesting but it would also drive away the other people who would normally be visiting the creek during their summer break.  So I put on some rain-appropriate clothing, covered the camera with a protective sleeve, and went for it; working with only natural lighting.  Believe me, it was not easy .  I could barely see through my viewfinder and my glasses were not even usable due to the rain and constant fog on the lenses, so they sat mostly on top of my head, instead of in front of my eyes where they very much normally belong.   We were soaked but we were the only people there, and more than that, it was fun!  The icing on the cake: the images turned out beautifully (as seen below).


The second modeling session was during the winter months and there was a cold front that moved in quickly making the day much colder than anticipated.  The session was planned to be held in a large park as well as in a small portion of a downtown area in Athens, Georgia.   I believe it was in the 20s, and being a Florida girl, I definitely had to bundle up.  I was in layers of clothing and had no choice but to wear gloves to keep my hands from, as I like to say, "falling off".  It's never easy dealing with anything through gloves, so changing camera functions was a bit clumsy for me, and getting warmed up took some time, but the struggle wasn't just for me, it was also for the model.  He did half of his posing sans-shirt, and in some cases on the ground posed on a very cold and clammy rock!  I could see his struggle and the goose-bumps he was fighting past.  I felt his pain but knew this is what he signed up for.   The lighting proved to be wonderful in the park, and later, after fighting the cold awhile longer in the dark of downtown, I finally called it quits and we resigned to go eat some warm, comforting, and much-needed bar-b-que! (Images below)

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