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Leeanne Usry Fine Art and Photography



Hi! My name is Leeanne Usry! I believe in hard work, I’m a night owl, and, most importantly, I’m a single mother to an amazing little girl who has cerebral palsy. In this life I have realized I’m insanely passionate about two things: making sure I give my child everything she needs to succeed and live the best life possible; and creating art. Creating art is one of the only things besides being a mother that feeds my soul and lifts my spirit. I specialize in custom paintings and natural light photography. I have been painting since 2008 and shooting since 2013. I love sharing what I do with others. If I can do or make one thing that can change your day then I’ve done my job.




I’ve been involved in several fundraisers and charities and I love knowing I can use my talents in a way that can help others. I am not the definition of grace so my style of shooting is not by the book. I have two left feet but my eye for capturing a moment surely makes up for it. I'm not afraid to climb, jump, or crawl to get a great shot and my quirky personality usually helps people feel more comfortable in front of the camera. I don't really have a favorite out of all the shoots I have done, but this one was definitely fun. A sweet 16 photo shoot given as a present to her daughter. I am so lucky to be able to play a part in helping others feel special.



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