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Lee Germeroth Photography

Why hello there! I am Lee, a New Hampshire-based wedding photographer and owner of Lee Germeroth Photography. My first passion is wedding photography, but I shoot engagements, portraits, and some commercial work as well. I’ve been dabbling with photography since childhood, but really developed a passion for it in my senior year of high school. In the following months I dove headfirst into the art, learning all that I could and committing to practicing my craft each and every day. I shot my first wedding in 2011, just one year after graduating high school, which makes this year my 5th wedding season. I can’t believe how fast the years have gone by! In that time, I’ve photographed countless weddings, engagements, and portraits, traveled to glamorous locations for destination weddings, and captured an incredible array of moments that will be forever remembered.


One thing that has remained at the core of my life and business is my love for photographing weddings. They are such a uniquely important day for my couples and their families, and it’s an honor to be selected as the artist best fit to capture these moments. I take this honor very seriously and pour everything I possibly can into creating beautiful family heirlooms that couples, families, and friends can cherish for generations to come.


I put my heart into every wedding I photograph. Each becomes so special to me that it's difficult to pick just one wedding to share. I’ve chosen a wedding I shot in an old Castle in Cavendish, Vermont because the venue was so unique and profoundly inspiring. The architecture and interior design of the castle was simply breathtaking. The ceilings alone were magnificent, with each one more ornately beautiful than the last. A round room stood out as one my favorite locations, while another room featured tooled leather wall coverings – something I had yet to come across at a wedding venue and something I doubt I’ll see again soon.  The exterior of the castle was equally impressive, featuring thick beams and doors made of old dark wood and walls made of hearty granite blocks. This location was one that inspired me and challenged me, reinforced all my love of wedding photography, and continues to encourage me each time I look back on the photos.

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