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Lauren Bee -- Conceptual Fine Art and Wedding Photographer

Hello there, beautiful soul!

Huntsville Madison Photographer

I'm Lauren Benson, of Lauren Bee Photography LLC, a conceptual fine art and wedding photographer – as well as knitting junkie, bibliophile, wanderlust-filled word lover, wife, and mother with a passion for illuminating beauty, radical grace, and the gentle art of self-expressive authenticity.

Conceptual Fine Art Photographer

You could say I wear a lot of hats – and you'd be right! – but of course that's what we women do. We're big-time hat-wearers, with mad skills, varied interests, and well-qualified fingers in so many pies.

Huntsville Photographer

Which leads me to why I do what I do in my little corner of the photography world. Holding a B.S. with an emphasis in psychology and storytelling and a minor in fine arts, I've paired years of hands-on artistic experience and continuing education to craft a business with the sole purpose of nurturing feminine souls. Mine. Hers. Yours – yeah you, gorgeous – hi there!

Destination Wedding Photographer

I specialize in two areas: conceptual fine art and stylized portraiture for women and couples, including weddings.  My focus is on the whole individual – a woman's strength, her dreams, her hopes for the future, the unique traits and talents and passions that make her who she is – to successfully visualize the heart-mind connection. I love offering personalized, intimate portraiture for women (and the people they care about!), revealing each beautiful story, one magical work of art at a time, in both natural and conceptual environments.

Doctor Who Wedding Photographer

Working closely with my amazing clients – and heavens, I feel so blessed to know and work with each and every one of them! – means planning wardrobe, makeup and hair, even strategizing the best way to technically visualize for them a theme, feeling, or memory.  This partnership enables my clients to experience photography that calls forth the quiet, tucked amid layers of whimsy and to glimpse the secret places where dreams are naturally intertwined with purpose. My aim for each woman or couple is to embark on a grand adventure of creating art together. I love nothing more than the joy of revealing beautiful stories in magical ways.Conceptual Fine Art Artist

Grandness. Wild imagination. Embracing the drama and depth of light and shadow to reflect and illuminate the inner world. Taking a simple photograph to new heights by conceptualizing a deeper reality – that is what makes my heart sing and what drives me to create.

Conceptual Photographer Conceptual Fine Art Photography

But what makes my photography truly unique is, quite simply YOU. The holiness of your untamed ordinary. Emotion that takes your breath away while creating a space to breathe in the now. Your light, your love, your delight -- the miracle of deep, spiritual spaces that speak of (and to) the heart and soul.  This is why Lauren Bee Photography exists.

Huntsville Senior Photographer

And while I am physically located in Northeast Alabama, near Huntsville I'm more than happy to travel the world over for the next grand photographic adventure.  If you'd like to join forces and plan a wild and glorious work of photographic art together, then let's meet up over coffee (or FaceTime)!  I can't wait to chat about your fondest wishes and most insatiable dreams.

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