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Laszlo Bencze Photography

The art of seeing is my passion. I want my pictures to tell the story of other people’s lives. I want my pictures to be about those people, not about how slick I am as a photographer. The list of photo tricks is long and dismal: tilting the camera, weird PhotoShop filters, goofy group shots, wacky expressions, oddball poses in strange places, enigmatic detail photos, fake candid situations. These gimmicks are often clumsy; seldom classic, and do not age well. I want my pictures to show reality well seen. When my couples look back at their wedding albums decades later, I want them to see themselves as they really were, doing things that came naturally to them rather than acting out dreamed up scenarios.

Dahlia Sandnes wedding Dahlia_0668

Photography for Dahlia’s wedding began six months before the wedding ceremony. I flew to her college in Minnesota to show her life as a student and with her fiancé. You might wonder what that has to do with a wedding. My answer is “everything.” To show normal life with friends interacting, relatives visiting, couples just being themselves gives a matrix for the wedding. A diamond by itself is incomplete. These pre-wedding pictures are the setting for the gem. I never spend less than two full days taking pictures.

Dahlia Sandnes wedding Dahlia Sandnes wedding Dahlia Sandnes wedding Dahlia Sandnes wedding Dahlia Sandnes wedding Dahlia_3068

COMPANY: Laszlo Bencze Photography


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