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Kym Smith Photography, Visalia CA

Kym Smith Photography, Visalia photographer


Every since I was a child I've always wanted to do something special. I wanted to be creative and show my talents to the world, I wanted to succeed and be one of the best at what I do.
When I was 11 I started using my family's cheap little point and shoot camera to take photos. They weren't the best, but you can believe I thought I was the best photographer ever.



In 8th grade, I entered a photography contest and was lucky enough to win, I won enough money to buy my very own camera. (Fujifilm finepix s1500)
 I started my own photography business at age 16. I didn't take the best photographs, but I put so much effort into my photos. I am so glad to have started when I did, to get to where I am now.



I spent years honing my skill, figuring out the best lighting for what photographs, learning how to compose an image, learning how to use photo shop to make magic come to life in my images.
I got it into my head that I see all these gorgeous magazines, I would love to make my own catered towards little princesses.
Growing up every girl wants 3 things: to be a princess, to be a superstar, to be a dancer. I am now in the process of making sure every little girl gets their chance to be in the spotlight and have their own magazine customized towards them.
The shoot includes two locations, four gorgeous gowns, a hair and makeup artist and their own customized magazine featuring everything about them.



I am still working on all the special little details, but I can say this will be one of my favorite projects to date.
Every little girl is a Princess in their parents' eyes, I help them see they are too.



This is one of my favorite shoots so far.  I saw this shy little girl, too nervous to look me into the eyes, slowly open up as she was getting her makeup and hair done, and then getting sassy and excited when she seen how beautiful she looks in the photos.


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