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All throughout grade school and college, I have been obsessed with perfection, symmetry and geometrical absolutes. Being neat and organized was a lifestyle and everything had to have its place. I was never an artsy person. I saw beauty in straight lines, proportion and calculations, not in paintings or photographs. What interested me at that time was engineering, not art. Thank God things change! And one day I picked up a camera, and just started shooting. I began exploring different compositions, angles, and patterns of light. I quite honesty had no idea where all of this was coming from. But deep down in my mind, everything clicked. And I fell in love with photography. The more I dove into it, the more I learned, and the more I loved it. I guess you could call me a “natural” because it felt so right to be behind the camera and to freeze time. I remember buying my first dslr; I was taken aback as to how cool it was to change lenses and to create that background blur. Then I remember purchasing my first full frame D700. I couldn’t believe my eyes, or my hands that this incredible machine now belonged to me! And the images I was able to produce using 1.8 lenses blew me away! I was so fascinated by photography that I couldn’t help but press on my quest to learn more about composition, lighting, off camera flash, lenses, camera bodies and etc. I began shooting weddings, portraits and events, among which weddings and portraits were by far my favorite! I loved working with people and capturing the beautiful moments, the emotion, laughter, and the captivating poses. Till this day, I am even more in love with photography than the day I started! I still get excited about holding my cameras, using different lenses, posing my couples, shooting candids, and editing all of the pictures. The whole process excites me!


I remember one wedding that stood out for me which was in the heart of Seattle. The couple was so peaceful and calm, and the photography portion was just a blast! The wedding venue was phenomenal! It was held somewhere on a 20th + floor of a high riser, and the view of the bay was breathtaking! The details, decorations and the entire wedding day was just beautiful. And me being a part of it and capturing all those moments was humbling yet very rewarding. Being a part of someone’s big day is one of the most satisfying feelings about wedding photography! The love and excitement of the bride and groom is usually much elevated and the entire atmosphere is just extremely exciting and joyful!

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My style is very vivid. I love stronger colors, deeper blacks, higher contrast, more dramatic and saturated images. Something that will stand the test of time and in 25 years be relevant and professional. I consider myself as a commercial wedding photographer because I take the approach of photojournalism with an added emphasis on additional lights (off camera flash) to enhance my pictures; thus, raising the level of professionalism. I have tested various styles but keep coming back to this one. I believe adding and taking away light as necessary greatly improves the quality of the images and gives the clients the best possible product.

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I love my job, and every time I shoot, I thank God for instilling in me this passion!


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