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Koi Pond Photography - Visual Love

I am absolutely honored to have a partnership with Basic Invite; their warm welcome and personalized interaction fit hand in hand with the kind of genuine interactions I strive to capture. I'm Koi, of Koi Pond Photography and I LOVE capturing love!

About Me

I grew up a little bit of everywhere but claim the beautiful low country of Beaufort, South Carolina as home. When I was younger, my father was in the United States Navy as a Hospital Corpsman and my mother a diligent homemaker. My mother had always dreamed of modeling, and one day my father picked up an old Canon AE-1 35mm film camera and turned her dream into reality.

The beauty wasn't in the clothing she was modeling, the beauty came in the photos he snuck of her interacting with us...her children. Those images were everything, they portray a raw emotion that you can't find in a posed image. The pictures made my heart skip a beat, and I knew right then that I wanted to learn to capture as many moments like that as I could.

Fast forward 20 years and here I sit, the proud owner of Koi Pond Photography. I specialize in capturing those sweet moments between couples when they have temporarily forgotten the presence of a camera. Shortly after I found my niche in lovers, I had a revelation that those small interactions happen in more than just couples, they happen where ever love is present!

My Style

When I shoot, the words of my father fill my mind, "A birth certificate shows you were born, and a death certificate shows you have passed, but only photos show that you have lived." So I always make sure that I document my clients feeling 'alive'.

I have found beauty in the simplest sessions: an infant with her loving parents preparing for her first Christmas, a mother beaming with pride at her child's accomplishment, or a sister awaiting the return of her brother from a 9 month deployment. Every occasion that I photograph has a moment in it that makes you go, "wow." The kind of image you see in large print on a wall and stop to do a double take at. The kind of image you can see the joy in the moment shown and for that brief moment you're looking at it, you can almost feel that emotion within yourself.

Photography to me is an artwork. It's about drawing those emotions out and creating physical manifestations of them that really speak to the viewers and to the owners. I always urge my clients to print their images because in this digital age we live in, life has started to move so quickly that those moments have become so fleeting.

The nostalgia that comes with reflection as you look at pictures on a wall or leaf through an album, is slowly fading. Koi Pond Photography fights to keep that nostalgia alive, because that's what I was raised on and more than anything, I want my children to know that feeling of leafing through an old album and reflecting on all those little moments in my life so they too can be transported back in time, and feel what I felt...while seeing what love looks like.

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