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_P2C2061Hi everyone/y'all/yinz! My name is Kellie Cope (Married name is Kellie Riley, I have yet to change it 2 years after my wedding!) I am originally from Pittsburgh but I am currently living and working in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have been photographing weddings for over 5 years now and have loved every shoot, so much that a lot of the brides have become good friends of mine. My photography style is definitely more of a photojournalism approach. Staged photos are beautiful, but candid moments are the best. I love catching couples whispering or laughing together, all the moments in between shots are my favorites.


Photography has always been an outlet for me to step away from the computer. For my 9 to 5, I am a Graphic Design Manager at NASCAR. (It’s a total dream job, btw). Design has really taught me to be a better photographer.  I am able to design the photos that I take. One summer I took a contract wedding photography job.  I shot a wedding every weekend for three months.  It was intense but allowed me to get in front of so many awesome people and I was able to brush up on my people skills.  As designers, we don't really get to be in front of people a lot so photography has always allowed me to grow that part of myself and my business._P2C1556


3It is really hard to pick out a favorite wedding because each one brings something different to the table.  The wedding I picked was by far the most different.  I am most familiar with big weddings in a church/outside or in a barn with a grand reception with a buffet or plated dinners. (Coming from a girl who had a barn wedding myself.) This wedding blew all those stereotypes up.  It was a second time wedding filled with so much love and genuineness. Sarah + Todd have combined their families and the amount of love that oozes out of all of them is contagious.  What I loved about this wedding was the simplicity of it.  It really was about their love and combining their families.  They rented a house in the mountains of North Carolina and only invited their family and closest friends (only 25 total including me and my husband).  They also hired a private chef who was cooking an excellent meal right in front of everyone in the kitchen.  Sarah wore a beautiful rose gold dress (from NASTYGAL! HOW COOL) while Todd looked dapper in his 3 piece suit.  My husband helped me shoot the wedding and we both left at the end of the night with big smiles on our faces filled with their infectious love.  That's exactly how a wedding should be! It should be filled with your own personal touches and love for one another. I am always amazed at where my camera has taken me. Each and every wedding is special and unique. I will forever be in love with photography and being able to share my talents to make a couple's day memorable and special.


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