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Katie Mrozinski Photography | Northwest Indiana Newborn Photographer

Hi there!  I'm Katie, a newborn photographer in the small northwest Indiana town of New Carlisle.  I began my photography journey in 2011, when my daughter was a toddler.  I found myself so focused on being her mom that I felt like I no longer had any hobbies!  I, of course, loved every minute of my job as a mom, but I really needed something that I could do for ME, too.  I didn't want it to take time away from my daughter though, and I had always been interested in photography, so I saved up my money for my first DSLR.  This was a hobby I could have for me - and I could capture memories of my daughter at the same time.  I dove headfirst into learning everything I could about photography.  And so the story goes - I started posting pictures of my daughter on Facebook, friends & family asked for photoshoots, and it snowballed from there!  After a lot of practice, I officially began my photography business in 2013.

In the first few years I shot a little bit of everything, but I was always drawn to the beauty of newborn photography.  Seeing how fast I watched my own daughter grow up, I knew these newborn memories were so important to capture, as they are gone too soon.  Of course, I found newborns to be the most difficult subject to shoot, and ended most sessions frustrated and feeling like I would never be good enough.  After having my son in 2014 and really feeling like a failure on taking his newborn photos, I went as far as to say I was quitting newborns and focusing on other things...but stopped myself when I reminded myself how much I loved babies & newborn photography, and how much I felt like I NEEDED to be able to give parents memories they could cherish.

This was a pivotal moment for me.  I took an in person workshop and many online workshops, I worked with my husband to revamp a studio space that was more conducive to shooting newborns, and I practiced, practiced, practiced.  I am so glad that I didn't give up on my dream, and that I am able to give parents images that they can cherish for a lifetime!

Although I start each session with a plan in mind, ultimately the baby is in control!  My goal is to keep the baby soothed, safe, and comfortable, so if they object to something that I have planned, I switch gears and improvise as I go!  I find having a lot of setups ready before the session starts helps speed things up so I am able to get as many shots in as possible while the baby is content.

I feel so honored when parents choose me to capture their baby's first memories.  I treat each baby as I would treat my own, and I love getting those baby snuggles in!

Feel free to check out more of my work on my website or find me on Facebook or Instagram!

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