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Raleigh Baby Photography by Kate Cherry Photography, LLC

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” --Unknown


I think we’ve all heard this phrase before, and though saying it now seems a bit cliché, there is a lot of truth behind it. A good picture tells a story and captures memories that elicit feelings every time its viewed and then shared for generations to come.  That’s exactly what I aim to do.

Hi, my name is Kate Cherry, and I’m a storyteller; but instead of words, I use pictures. Instead of a pen, I use a camera.

My Story - The Beginning

When I was in high school, I was known as the girl who always had a camera.“Hey guys! Get together - I want to get a picture of you!” was common for me to say as my friends and I hung out in the hallway after school. I spent many late nights and weekends sorting and archiving images I had taken of our dance team on the football field and of friends having fun together. It was no surprise to many that I decided to study photography in college.

Even through my years studying at school, I really didn’t find my calling to pursue photography full-time until I graduated and told my dream to my now husband. He told me to go for it, and I never looked back.

Starting A Photography Business from the Ground Up

I began my business from the ground up a little over five years ago once we moved to Ohio. During our time there, I learned so much about running a business and what kind of photography I enjoy doing. I discovered that while I enjoy many kinds of photography, I am drawn to photographing the life cycle of a family; from the wedding day, to the newborn infant, and on to the growing family. My heart is filled with great joy as I learn the stories that surround the families and ultimately carry them to cross paths with me. My goal is to capture the raw, real love between people with my camera in a way that tells a story of these amazing people.  The sweet snuggles a new mom has with her soft-skinned newborn; the way a new husband cherishes his bride who he’s just claimed to be his soul mate for life. Those are the memories I want to capture for people so when they look at their images in a year, or even 10 or 20 years down the road, they can smile back with fondness remembering a beautiful time in their lives.

My calling as a newborn and family photographer

We just recently relocated to Wake Forest, NC and have since added another little one to our family in the process. Watching my two sweet boys grow and change ignites my passion in newborn and family photography as I aim to capture every monumental moment and precious memory. They don’t stay little very long, and for this reason, offering sessions that document a baby’s first year is my favorite.

I met this beautiful family in Ohio and had the privilege of photographing them for many years. When they welcomed their second son into the world, I gladly agreed to take photos of them and their newest addition.


As their little guy grew, I was able to document his milestones and swapped stories with his mom Chelsea as we navigated the waters of motherhood together. We talked about sleeping habits, what our little ones ate from day to day and the basic loves and struggles we go through as moms.  I loved the time we shared together as well as watching her little boy grow and capturing his many expressions throughout the year.  (I'm always amazed at the transformation that happens between the first few days of life to a first birthday!)

wake-forest-baby-photography-kate-cherry-photography-004wake-forest-baby-photography-kate-cherry-photography-001wake-forest-baby-photography-kate-cherry-photography-005wake-forest-baby-photography-kate-cherry-photography-007baby-photography-wake-forest-raleigh-kate-cherry-photography-001baby-photography-wake-forest-raleigh-kate-cherry-photography-003 baby-photography-wake-forest-raleigh-kate-cherry-photography-007baby-photography-wake-forest-raleigh-kate-cherry-photography-005baby-photography-raleigh-wake-forest-kate-cherry-photographybaby-photography-wake-forest-nc-kate-cherry-photographyone-year-baby-session-raleigh-nc-kate-cherry-photography-006one-year-baby-session-raleigh-nc-kate-cherry-photography-003 one-year-baby-session-raleigh-nc-kate-cherry-photography-007one-year-baby-session-raleigh-nc-kate-cherry-photography-005 baby-first-year-photography-raleigh-nc-wake-forest-kate-cherry-photography cake-smash-baby-first-year-raleigh-nc-kate-cherry-photographyone-year-baby-session-raleigh-nc-kate-cherry-photography-009 one-year-baby-session-raleigh-nc-kate-cherry-photography-001

It was hard to depart my beloved clients in Ohio, but many of them became dear friends, so thankfully we still stay in touch. Now that we are in the Wake Forest/Raleigh area, I look forward to meeting more new moms and brides-to-be.  There are so many memories ready to be captured and many more stories left to tell.

Thanks so much for reading about my journey, and a big thank you to Basic Invite for asking me to be a guest blogger.  I'd love to hear from you, even if it's just to say hello!  Be sure to visit my website below or check out my Facebook page:

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  • Chelsea

    Our family not only loves the work you do but you as a person. You are truly a uplifting and refreshing soul. Your friendship has and is such a blessing. Thanks for capturing some of the most precious years for our family !

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