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Kalie Stier Photography - Southern California

Hello! I’m Kalie, and I am a passionate storyteller.

As a photographer, I promise to capture moments with the utmost care and artistry. Taking a journalistic approach, I not only capture the highlights, but also those special "behind-the-scenes" moments that shouldn’t be forgotten. Why? Because this is your story, and it’s a story worth telling.

One of my favorite sessions was an engagement shoot of two of my close friends. We spent the day together going to their favorite spots in town, capturing the things that brought them together, like local coffee shops! It was a day filled with lots of laughs, stories of how they first met, their proposal, and anticipation of their wedding day.

As a storyteller, my desire is to transport any viewer into the heart of where I am snapping the shutter. I want others to feel the joy, the expectancy, the moments of pain, and the excitement of the future through my images. I want to convey the raw and the real.

This shoot captured the essence of their story - from outdoor concert venues to coffee shops to rolling hills. It was an honor to capture their love and care for one another. I’m super excited for their future together, and would love to be a part of capturing YOUR unique story as well.

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