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K. Sanchez Photography

High school is where I discovered my love for photography. It was  a gift that I kept to myself for a while and later on in life realized that it would benefit others. Photographs are nothing but stories without words....classic and timeless.

I had taken a photography class in high school that focused on still life photography. We did lots of landscape photography that focused on lighting and framing. I’d occasionally check out a camera to capture events that took place during the school day to capture people’s emotions and focus on composition and lighting. The hardest part was developing the film in dark rooms, hoping the images came out perfect!


I wanted my images to speak love, show feelings and real emotions. I wanted to produce statement portraits.

Initially I started my business booking photo sessions for graduating high school seniors. That was my most favorite job to do until I was contacted by a young couple  and asked to shoot their wedding. I was excited but intimidated at the same time. They’d expressed that they'd admired my work and wanted me for the job. They were well aware that I hadn’t photographed weddings but it didn’t stop them from booking me.

During our initial meeting, there was a sense of calmness in the room. The couple was not picky, pushy nor demanding with their expectations. They had a few requests which were the normal mandatory shots, nothing outrageous, just simple and classic.

The day of their wedding, I had arrived to the hotel where they were staying. The room was full of laughter and conversations amongst girlfriends. The bride maintained her compsure but relished in all of what was going on around her and. As I was photographing the little details, everything was just classic and timeless. The atmosphere in the room set the tone for rest of what was to come.


There was a knock at the door and in had come a gift for the bride along with her wedding shoes that had a sweet note from the groom written on the soles that brought her to tears. I'd almost missed that moment because it had brought me to tears as well. It was at that exact moment that I knew weddings would be something that I’d happily capture, especially if I had the pleasure of working with a couple as sweet as these two beautiful souls.

The White’s were my favorite wedding to capture, because they were my first, they took a chance on me, they made my job easy. They set the tone.

Weddings are nothing but love expressed…poetry in motion. Photography is my strength. It’s my small voice, made big, it preserves history and tells a story. My photography is my voice made strong and it's expressive.

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