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Joyful Day Photography: Atlanta Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is such an amazing and unique field. It's one of the only types of photography that combines documentary, art, formals, and candid shots (probably my favorite!). A photograph is such a gift, a good photograph combines art and memories in a lasting way.  If we are really honest, it's the photographs that direct our memories as the years pass by.

How did you get into wedding photography?

My experience with wedding photography, like many, starts with my own wedding. At the time I didn't really know what to look for in a photographer though by great luck we ended up with a good one; I know some aren't so lucky. I could since then write an entire post on things to consider in finding the right fit.  The short of it is first look at their images of course, if you leave picturing yourself in their style you've probably found the right fit.  Also ask how they will handle group shots with your crazy aunt who is also going to try to direct the shot, kidding, kind of, not really...Ask what types of learning communities they are a part of--the best photographers will always be learning and growing.  Ask them if they have any fun ideas of where you can take your engagement photos.  Ask them what type of print products they use, please get some images printed through a quality printer even if it's just a few.  And of course, see how you fit with their personality.  After all, you'll be collaborating with them quite a bit.

What is one of your favorite sessions?

I love being on the other side of the wedding album and I quickly realized how much I love wedding photography. It is truly an honor to be trusted to capture these moments and memories for a couple. One in which I will never take lightly and will always give my all. One of my favorite moments in my photography career has been a recent anniversary shoot, a recommitment of dedication and love. This couple was fun, willing to be themselves, and offered me the chance to take some photos of just them connecting and showing their deep love for one another. It was a great reminder of the importance of regular dedication to those we love. This simple session provided an opportunity to let photography tell a story and marker in their relationship.

I truly love what I do. I love convincing people that they truly are gorgeous and can love looking at their photos. I love using simple and creative prompts to get people laughing, interacting, and just being themselves. I love being creative in directing formal poses to get those perfect smiles. I can almost promise, however, that your favorite photos will be the smiles and glances that are captured between the posed shots. I am looking forward to helping to write some memories for more families to hold onto.

Let's talk!

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer within a handful of hours around the North Georgia area (or somewhere really fun, ha), check out ; ; or @JoyfulDayPhotography ; ; or 678.947.1200 and see if I’m a good fit for your amazing day.

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