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Journeys Into Storytelling - Andi Buescher Photography

I never fell in love with photography. In fact, I am still not “in love” with photography. While I do enjoy taking a nice photo, capturing true emotion and putting the photos together to make the story is where my heart lies.

I started my journey into photography thinking I could make a little extra cash by taking head shots of actors in LA, where I was living at the time. I enrolled in an entry-level photography class at Santa Monica College and had a single experience because of that class that changed the entire course of my life. (Might I add that I also had a phenomenal instructor.)

Out shooting for an assignment, I found myself wandering around downtown LA, near the public library, where a lot of homeless folks tend to congregate. As I was passing by an older African American man, he said to me, “Have you ever seen so much hate in the world?”

Thinking he was just a crazy bum, I kept walking until I noticed him pointing to something on the bench. There, clearly legible, was a racist comment etched into the wood. A racist remark next to a man wearing a United States Vietnam Veteran hat, a man who had fought to protect the freedom of whoever it was that etched that wretched comment into the bench he sat on. I stopped and had a long conversation with this man, who, as it turns out, was not a bum.

As I walked away that day, he hollered after me, “You do something good with that camera!”

Suddenly it struck me. Could I really do something good with my camera and make a living?

That moment sealed my fate to become a photographer.

Everyone has a story and that story is made up of fleeting moments that, in mere seconds, will be history. Every story deserves to be told, whether you opt for portraits that let your personality shine, branding to inspire and motivate others to make the world a better place, or stories of love and family ties that will be cherished for decades to come.

My goal is to capture the moments while you spend your time living in them.

Put your cameras, tablets, cell phones down. Enjoy living in your moments. Let your photographer, your storyteller, capture them.

Storytelling is my first love. From the time I wanted to be an actor (storytelling) to a writer (again, storytelling) to a filmmaker (and again, storytelling), to where I am now, a photographer.

I finally found my medium.

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