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We tell love stories. Real, genuine stories. There's a reason we get excited and gushy about love: it's beautiful! Love is something we can all relate to. It's something we all crave. The reason we are so passionate about what we do is because we truly believe in spreading love. Always.

Becoming a photographer was never a planned career. Through high school my plan was to become a chiropractor, and then it shifted into physical therapy. Now looking back, while those careers are so different compared to what my life is now, there are some connections that I've only recently realized have been there the whole time. What do they all have in common? People. Helping people, specifically, and being there for them in one way or another. Photography allows me to connect with couples and families in really deep ways. We spend time together laughing and sharing stories, making memories, and ultimately becoming friends. One of the greatest rewards is being a part of life's biggest moments. Graduations, proposals, engagements, weddings. And then surprise, a family!

It's because of people like Bobby & Kati that make me love being a wedding photographer.

Before we ever meet up for the engagement shoot, we've already spent time together and have heard the fun stories of how they met, the proposal, and what their plans are for the wedding. Once the engagement day gets here, that is such a sweet time to learn who they are, and really begin to build that personal relationship that's going to last from that day forward. Connecting on that friendship basis, that personal level, is really what elevates the shoot from just another portrait to telling a story with art.

After all the planning is done, the arrangements have been made, and the invitations have been sent out, the waiting is finally over. The wedding day. We've set up timelines and checked with all the other vendors to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Sometimes we've been building this friendship with our couples for a year or more, so we greet them with excitement and hugs! Once strangers, we're now trusted with documenting one of the most precious days of their lives. Wow! What an honor! This is going to be a GREAT story!

Love is powerful. It moves you. Just look at him waiting to see his bride!

Every wedding we shoot brings on a life of it's own. Every couple we work with has their own story that deserves to be told. What helps me tell the story best is opening myself up and feeling that emotion they're sharing. Share in their joy. Be passionate about people. Focus on their natural interactions. See how he holds her. Admire how she looks at him.

It's all about the moments. That moment when a tear falls down her cheek but hasn't been wiped away. It's brief, but it's such a beautiful, important moment they'll always remember.

Wherever we may travel and whoever we may meet, we tell love stories.

Josh Haltam is an international wedding photographer based out of North Florida.

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