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Jinxx Photography - Newborn Sessions

My name is Rebecca Duncan I am a Photographer and owner at Jinxx Photography. My specialty is capturing fun unique shots of my clients in realistic settings. I don’t like to shoot the “cookie cutter” photos. You can get those anywhere. I love the unique and different. I want to bring out the best in my clients so that they walk away with a real portrait of who they are. I take in consideration hobbies and interests before doing a shoot to ensure a personal touch.

I shoot with a Nikon D7000 and I love it! I use lots of different lenses.  I mostly shoot in natural light but I use flashes and strobes when necessary.

 I have been taking pictures non-stop since I had my first child. I started out just wanting to document every moment and then I really fell in love with Photography. My husband bought me a point and shoot camera when our son was a baby, I still have it to this day. I love everything about Photography. I am self-taught. I like to think of life as a learning experience I learn every day.I've been doing photography for close to 11 years now but I have only done about 6 newborn sessions in that time. I am truly blessed to have an amazing husband and two amazing children that support my passion for Photography and art.

I want true emotions in the photos I take. No forced smiles here! I am very patient as well. I take pride in my work and I want my clients to really enjoy the experience. I live in Greenville County, South Carolina. I like to form relationships with my clients that last a lifetime. I take my job very serious. Preserving memories is the most rewarding career I could imagine.

 I shoot lots of different things but one of my absolute favorites is Newborn Photography. It presents unique challenges. Lots of things can change at the blink of an eye. This is what makes it so exiting for me. No session is ever alike. Newborns already have little personalities and attitudes. Some are very calm and quiet. Others are seemingly impossible to calm down. Some smile and some give you a wrinkly forehead and angry stare. I wanted to tell you about Logan A. He is one of my favorite newborns to date. He didn't smile but he had the cutest little pouty face and pretty much didn't care what I did. He was so great to work with and I hope you enjoy his adorable little face !


Logan looked so adorable in this little elephant hat. He was just a sleepy as could be. I used all natural light for this particular shot with my "Little Dreamers Beanbag" and a great blanket.DSC_5464

He was sleeping for most of the session and I wanted to capture as many sweet poses as possible. You never know when they may wake up. DSC_5528DSC_5538DSC_5622You can get allot of different looks using the same backdrop. I prefer to keep it simple with my blankets. I am still learning every session about what works and what doesn't work in the world of newborn photography. I used a simple reflector and natural light for these shots.

We moved to a little more fun with some props I have collected. His Mom and Dad didn't mind me trying them all out on this sleepy guy. DSC_5536 DSC_5564DSC_5552

I have been working with Logan's family for a few years now and I am never disappointed by a session with them! They are such a wonderful family that trust in me to capture the special moments in their lives!

This is last photo is of all three of the kids together.DSC_5675

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