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Jill Denny Photography - Southern California Wedding & Portrait

I can’t possibly pick one day, one shoot or even one moment in time to describe my experience as a photographer. It certainly didn’t happen overnight for me and if you ask me how I got to be where I am today, I’m not sure I would have a short answer for you. But I’ll try my best to clue you in to who I am as a photographer.


I love moments. Happy moments to be precise. Those times in our lives where we smile whether it’s because we are truly experiencing joy or even just because I said something silly to make you smile while your toddler tries his or her hardest to “ruin” your perfect family photo. Not that I believe in perfection when it comes to shooting anything. I prefer to capture others as they are and maybe I give them a little encouragement to create a moment.

I first got into photography after dropping out of my first year away at college, moved home and enrolled at a local school for photography. I was hooked. Dark rooms, negatives, the smell of the developer as I watched my photo appear on paper in that dim light. I can’t say I was good at it but I loved learning for the first time ever and I knew it was the only way to go. So I found myself, not long after graduating, working for a local wedding photographer and from that point on I had found my way.

I continued to learn, hone my skills, and develop a style as the years passed. Photography is always moving and changing so those of us that choose this path are always on a learning curve. I can finally say after 16 years of couples, weddings, babies and families that I am now comfortable in my own skin shooting and calling myself a photographer. Like I said, it didn’t come easy to me but looking back on all of it, I couldn’t have done it any other way.

So now whether it’s taking my camera along to document my travels, photograph my dogs and nephew (little hint, that's me with my dog & husband below) or it’s because someone hired me because they love my work, there is never a day that goes by that I don’t feel a deep sense of pride for how it all came together.!/HOME

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