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Natural Moments Create the Most Memorable Moments

IMG_9563Hey everyone! We are Jake and Joni and we own JH Photography. We have been married just shy of a year and we started this photography journey together during August 2016. We separately came to our love of photography in our own way. We have taken the time to write for you our journey.IMG_9613

Joni: I have always had a love for art since high school and was very active in my art class. It wasn’t until junior year of high school that I took my first photography class and discovered a whole new world.


I may have started with just a simple point and shoot camera, but it opened my eyes to the skill and knowledge one possesses to make a picture come to life. Photography didn’t become a reality until I took my “baby” sister's senior photos. I loved the shoot for not only the quality of the photos, but the quality of the time. Shortly after, more people began asking to have pictures done for all occasions. The excitement and slight butterflies that came before each shoot were continually met with reward and relationships.  IMG_9668 IMG_9691

Jake: My family consisted of four competitive children. Nuclear by definition, also by nature, the dynamic between my siblings and I was characterized by collisions that developed my core. This developed a desire to define myself as unique. IMG_9909 IMG_9939

At twenty five years of age, my identity eludes rigid boundaries, but I am certain about who I wish to be. Identity is what drives me as a photographer because photos have the peerless ability to stop time;  capture the images of ourselves that we may never otherwise see. This opportunity to view people in pure form is what makes photography beautiful to me.

IMG_9915 IMG_9922

We are constantly learning more and more about photography and it is something that we have thoroughly enjoyed learning and doing together. But what we love most is building new friendships, learning about each person we meet and laughing along the way. We strive to capture each persons story and what matters most to them, and what makes each person uniquely beautiful.  IMG_9712IMG_9718

Our photoshoot of the Wanee family stands out as the one where our photos revealed the pure identity of our subjects. It is no surprise because our subjects consisted of two children. We did this shoot autumn of 2016. The initial interactions were bashful introductions, or sheepish grins. In time, our presence was welcomed, and we began to see the bright spirit that flourishes within children.IMG_9758  IMG_9761IMG_9783

We captured the fabled sparkly eyes, and no amount of posing or positioning could give us what the natural playing did. The day was apexed by a simple question from the Wanee girl; “Do you want to come play at the park with us?”

IMG_9817 IMG_9885

For the next hour we captured this family in their purest moments. The laughter-screams of the children paired with the unfiltered play of the parents gave us our most memorable moments we have during our shoots. IMG_9584

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