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Hey everyone! My name is Jenna McCarty of Jenna McCarty Photography. I am a wedding photographer from Warren, Ohio. I have been photographing weddings and engagements in Northeast Ohio since 2014. I love everything about wedding photography, from the bride and groom hanging out with their friends and families while getting ready, to the groom seeing the bride for the first time, to the moment right after they kiss when they are so excited that they are finally married, to hanging out with the bridal party and seeing the relationships that the bride and groom have with their bridal party to finally celebrating with everyone at the reception. I love every single moment of wedding days which is why I am a wedding photographer.

By day, I am a full-time high school French teacher and at night and on the weekends, I am a wedding photographer. People always ask me if I will give up teaching and focus on photography. My answer is always the same, I love teaching and I love photography so why can't I do both? In ways I feel that being a teacher helps me to be a better photographer. Through teaching, I have learned stress-management (for myself and others), how to be an excellent planner (all those weekly lesson plans have come in handy to help my brides plan their wedding timelines), but most importantly, to see the beauty in everyone. Every single couple is unique and their love story is unique and it is through the photos that I capture that I can tell their story.

When Basic Invite asked me to pick my favorite wedding, it was a really tough decision because I love all my couples. I have honestly been blessed with great couples and great weddings. So instead of selecting my favorite wedding (since every wedding is my favorite), I decided to pick the wedding that has brought me the most joy. From the moment that I met Tina and Pat, I knew that I would love them. They are such joyful people who bring love and laughs to everyone (which you can see in the photos below). When you see them together, you can just feel the amount of love that they have for one another.

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