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JB Photography - The Journey of Seeing Life Differently

Hi! My name is Jack. Photography is kind of something I stumbled into. I had been interested in it for a few years, but that's all it was. I didn't have the money for a camera so I just used my iPhone. Then one day my mom comes to me and asks if I want something. She hands me a black box and tells me it's my grandfathers 1981 AF2 35mm camera. I was over joyed and I took that thing everywhere snapping pictures of everything.


After shooting with that for several months I decided to stop by a pawn shop and I found a great deal for a 1969 Mamiya and a 1973 Minolta x370 slr camera. Which naturally I took everywhere. I shot through roll after roll of film just loving my new lens on life. imageimage

I read everything I could find about the different functions of my cameras and just photography in general. I also shot and shot and shot.

When I first got into photography I wasn't that interested in shooting people. I really felt like it was too complicated and it was much easier to shoot nature or architectural photos. So that's what I did!

After shooting for about a year or so on film, I was given a digital camera for Christmas in 2014. I loved it! While it was only an entry level camera, gone were the days of only being able to shoot 25-30 frames at a time. I could shoot and reshoot without denting the wallet. I started really digging into the digital side and learning programs like Lightroom and Photoshop.


After a while I had a friend approach me and ask me to shoot their wedding. I remember being super nervous about it. Someone wanted to pay me to take their pictures?? All the worst scenarios played out. What if they didn't like them? What if....? But I said yes to it and the big day came.

I was the first person to arrive on scene for the wedding. I showed up three hours early because I didn't want to leave anything loose. I wanted to make sure I did the best job so I waaaaayyyy over compensated. But it's a learning process!!


Now here we are a year after my first wedding and things are really opening up! Even though I've been shooting for less than four years I'm really blessed with the doors that have opened up for me!

Trying to pick a favorite shoot just is impossible because each new shoot is a new adventure and new memories. They are ever increasing in fun and excitement!

The key thing for me is to feel who people are. My job as a photographer is not to capture the surface level of people, my job is to be able to capture their soul. My advice to people interested in photography is first: always always always start out on film. I know it's old school and some people will disagree, but when each press of a button is costing you money you will think really hard before you pull that trigger. In my opinion it shapes your eye for capturing things and people. The second thing is always look deeper than the skin. Close your eyes and feel what is in the air, because what you feel will ALWAYS affect your final product. Lastly, never stop learning.

To wrap things up here are some shots from my most recent wedding, the wedding of my friends David and Jen!

imageimage  image

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