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An International Love Story for the Books by Britt Giltenan Events

I was drawn to event planning because I enjoy using my imagination to create and design beautiful events. However, wedding planning really became my passion because I am a hopeless romantic. Sofia and David’s wedding has been one of my absolute favorites because their love story made me feel all of the feelings. When I learned of this couples “meet cute” in addition to their unlikely long-distance love story, I was beyond excited to help them plan the beginning of their happily ever after.

The couple met online while playing a game they both enjoyed. They started chatting which evolved into a friendship and eventually into love. Sofia was living in South Africa while David was living in the United States. Dating while living on different continents imposed many challenges. Yet it only made the love between them grow deeper and the appreciation for one another’s commitment stronger.

During their wedding reception, David and Sofia performed a skit for their wedding guests. It gave everyone a glimpse into what dating long distance was like and the challenges it created for everyday communication. The skit was funny and heartwarming and consequently almost made me cry. I was overwhelmed with happiness for my new friends, who had fallen in love under unlikely circumstances and did whatever it took to make it work while being thousands of miles apart. When couples infuse their wedding day with personal details and experiences that are unique to them, their guests come away feeling like they are truly a part of their journey and it makes for a truly memorable celebration.

Incorporating current wedding trends into the design inspiration and decor of a wedding can be fun and beautiful. However, I am a big advocate of focusing on design elements that have a personal significance to the couple, as those will never go out of style. This couple did just that, choosing to incorporate books into their centerpieces as they are both avid readers with degrees in Classical Studies and Literature. The guest favors they chose were beaded Proteas which is the national flower of South Africa and the cake topper was a beaded bride and groom. Beaded creations are very important to South Africans because they hold a historical significance (Zulu beaded love letters) and serve as part of “everyday life”.

Sofia remained in South Africa during the wedding planning process so we worked on planning details via email. I worked closely with her mother-in-law who lives in Savannah where the wedding was held. Throughout the process, I could tell the anticipation was building to have Sofia in Savannah for the celebration but also to be able to meet and spend time with the rest of her family, who were flying in from all over the world. Finally seeing these two families come together with so much love already in their hearts was truly moving. These two love birds and their families will always hold a very special place in my heart.


Wedding Planning: Britt Giltenan Events

Venue: Brockington Hall

Bridal Bouquet: Kato Floral Designs

Photography: Diane Dodd Photography

Catering: Thrive

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