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Holland State Park Wedding | Sidney Baker-Green Photography | Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer

Hello there beautiful people! My name is Sidney Baker-Green, but you can call me Sid! I'm a destination wedding and portrait photographer based in the great cities of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Daytona Beach, Florida! Outside of wedding photography, I am a dreamer planner. My first dream since the age of three was to become a pilot. Last year around this time, 16 years later, that dream became a reality. My current goal is to qualify for the 2024 Olympic Games in Los Angles in the Mens 3 meter springboard diving event! I'm a dog dad to a pup named Aladdin. My I have a love for brownies, but my athletic goals make me keep my intake in check. My hobbies include inspiring others to chase what their hearts truly desire, and to inspire love in my broken generation, one image at a time. When you book a wedding with me, my goal is not to be just your photographer, but also to become your best friend. I help every step of the way where ever I can, from planning to contacting vendors and making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible on your special day.

You can learn more about myself and my photography services Here

I can talk about myself all day, but today, I am here to talk about one my favorite weddings I've shot: the wedding of my best friends Debbie & James Veenman.

At first she didn’t think James was the one. Her friends would always set her up with him, and “conveniently” make double dates but she was dead set on being single. But as time does with many things, he eventually broke down the barriers, and exposed the undying love she wanted to give to that one special person.

On January 7th, James took Debbie to the new Richmond bridge. The snow fell so very softly. Quiet and calm it was as the fresh snow sat on the ground soft and white like a winter wonderland. It was cold she could see her breath, but the warmth of their love could weather even the most frigid of temps. Now James is a history buff, and he started talking about the history of the bridge. He explained to Debbie how the bridge opened up to let passing ships by, and she had a mini freak out. In a panic, she spun around looking for the quickest exit, and as her sight came back to him, he was on one knee. Saying her full name, declaring his love and his inability to live without her, he asked for her hand in marriage.

But the true test of their love came 13 weeks before their wedding day. James, enlisted in the Marine Corps, meaning for the first time in their relationship, they would be forced to spend time apart. Keep in mind, this isn’t a business trip where you can just call your significant other when you miss them, or Face Time when you get a little bit lonely. This is boot camp, meaning their only communication is through writing. And so they did: as often as possible, and whenever possible. Debbie and James celebrated their love at Holland State Park on 31 August 2017.

The one thing that stood out to me, above all else, is the fact that on this stressful day, she remained focused on the things that mattered: her friends, her family, and the fact that she was marrying her best friend.

So if I can leave you guys with anything, then let it be this: weddings are stressful, no doubt about that. And although we all have this idea on how the day should go based on the stories of others, it's important to remember that this is your story. Thus, it's going to be different in addition to having different bumps in the road or unexpected events. So when that happens, remain focused on the one thing that matters: the fact that you are marrying your best friend while surrounded by the ones who love you the most. Because after all cake is eaten, and the the decorations are torn down, that is the only thing that will matter at the end of the day.

Special thanks to all those who made this day come together:

Photographer: Sidney Baker-Green

Wedding Rings: Rogers and Hollands

Engagement Rings: Kays

Cake: Alexandra Evans

Event Design: Unique Linens

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Danity Jewells

Groom’s Attire: USMC

Wedding Dress: Renee Austin

Rentals: Redi Rentals

Catering: Ryke’s Catering

Florals: Hope Dahlias

Seamstress: Great Lakes Wedding Gown Specialist

Hair: Violeta Salas

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