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High School Sweethearts - MadieRose Photography

MadieRose Photography was culmination of a life-long dream. Even at a very young age when I picked up a camera for the first time and had not the slightest idea the power a shutter could hold. Not power in terms of electricity, but the power behind an everlasting memory one could hold and cherish for days, even years. Since then, I’ve always had a passion for capturing special moments that could potentially never happen the same way again. Why not control the medium to make others happy? Why not share this passion of mine with others and share the joy I experience? This idea spurred an amazing and fruitful journey, with my late grandmother and great grandmother being at the combined root of the name MadieRose.

Taylor and Trace’s wedding was in Amarillo, TX. These two were high school sweethearts and they both loved being from the country so they wanted their wedding to provide a fantastic display of rustic country charm. They got married in a barn, in boots with burlap and lace all over their decorations.

Taylor’s preparation area was a photographer’s dream. Natural light filled the space creating the perfect atmosphere. Taylor was very joyful and relaxed the entire time, and it shows in the images.


Weather caused the wedding to be moved from outdoors to indoors. The two high school sweethearts made the day carry on smooth and without a hitch. As Taylor walked down the aisle, she and Taylor locked eyes and you could tell the only thing that mattered at that moments was just the two of them. Their first kiss as a married couple happened in front of the gorgeous barn doors, and the fun-filled reception commenced. Just as the first dance was scheduled to begin, the sun appeared, thus moving the newlyweds outdoors, setting a beautiful scene.The cake tasting showed how playful the couple was with each other as they smashed cake all over each other’s faces. Everyone loves to have that memory to share with others for years to come.


The night continued on and was filled with dancing, loving emotions. To end the night, the attendees held sparklers for Taylor and Trace and the newlyweds rode off to enjoy the rest of their lives. Check out more work Here!

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