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As a kid, my parents placed great emphasis on the importance of family history. I carried that idea with me throughout the years and began recording our own family history through photos. When I decided to be a photographer, I knew that I wanted to be a family historian, photographically anyway. I wanted to grow with my clients and photograph them from the time their story began through the birth of their first child and each milestone to follow. Now, as a full-time wedding and family photographer, I have put that dream into practice. Gradually, my motto became, "The love story doesn't end at 'I do.'" Truly, I believe,  that is where it begins. So when I partnered with Basic Invite and they asked me to write a piece which would share my story while highlighting one of my favorite sessions, I had to choose one of my favorite couples.

Where the love story began...

I photographed Maggie and Paul's wedding back in October of 2016, as a second shooter for Cage + Aquarium (a studio I freelance for in Chicago) and learned of their wonderful love. The way they held hands, laughed, snuggled and purely loved each other was effortless. It was a love to be envied and emulated. It was beautiful and meant to be.

We set a date.

Hearing of their pregnancy earlier this year, I was thrilled when Maggie reached out to me about photographing her maternity session. She and Paul decided on a package that included some important milestones, like newborn, first Christmas, and 1st-year, as well. We set the maternity session date in early spring, little more than a month before Maggie's due date, and we prayed for good weather.

The day of the maternity session at Chicago's Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary, while a bit chilly, was lovely. We walked right into the shoot with chats about getting ready for baby, a few laughs about becoming parents and rocking a "dad bod."

Just have fun with it!

The two of them moved through each shot simply. Honestly, working with Maggie and Paul again was awesome. That love I saw on their wedding day was ever-present. We laughed lots and just had fun with it.

My dreams are made of sessions like these. Wonderfully sweet couples in their comfort zones, having fun, living their best lives in love. Needless to say, with awesome parents like these, I could not wait to meet the little peanut and a few short weeks later she was born.  Help me welcome Ella Rose into the world, she's one of the sweetest, sleepiest clients I've ever had. She thoroughly melted my heart.

I've spent the last 9 years capturing some of the sweetest moments in my clients' lives. I've made a career of creating heirlooms out of emotion, intimacy, interaction in both the perfect and imperfect moments of life. I chose to do so because love stories deserve to be preserved so you can pass them down from generation to generation.

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