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Gypsy Soul Photography | Peoria, Arizona Photographer

Hi there! I'm Grace Boyd, the creative eye behind Gypsy Soul Photography in sunny Peoria, Arizona. I am a self-taught natural light photographer (who is dabbling a little with studio lights now that I have a studio set up in my home).

DSC_4590 stunner

I have had a passion for photography for as long as I can remember. That passion has evidence that dates back to about age 10 when I would dress up my baby sister, pose her around the house, and snap her picture (much to her dismay, of course). Then as a teenager my dad gave me with an old Nikon film camera that I used roll after roll of film, capturing anything and everything from landscapes to people to animals. As time went on and I decided to pursue my passion a little more, I came up with the name Gypsy Soul to describe my style and journey. My style is always developing and I needed a name to represent that.

Photography is a constant learning experience and I have an insatiable desire to learn more and more.




People often ask me what the most important advice I could give to a budding photographer and I would have to say customer service. I also work full-time as a cashier in my town's general store and it's customer service that brings people back and the same rings true for my photography clients. I try my hardest to treat them as family, giving them the best possible service I can. Getting to know them before their sessions through questionnaires, emails, and phone calls.

laughingblue eyed girl

I am by no means an expert photographer, but if there is one thing I know its people and I love to capture their true spirit in my photos.

When prompted to write about my favorite session, at first I couldn't decide. I have favorite things from each of my sessions. However, one recent session did stand out to me.

Remember my sister, who I "tortured" as a baby taking picture after picture of her?

Well she's graduating from college next month and I had the rare opportunity to photograph her. She is a beautiful person inside and out and I jumped on the opportunity.

DSC_4699-copy DSC_4588-copy

Our journey led us to a quaint little park in Glendale, Arizona complete with restored, old farm houses and beautiful sunlit porches.

We were even able to stop at a small carnival along the way to take photos.

She has an obsession with carnivals so it was almost as if it was set up just for her.

social butterfly smilestiny dancer

We laughed and I snapped away. 300 photos later I knew that her session was a success.

One thing is certain when I have a session there is lots of laughter. Whether I have known my client their whole life or this is our first time meeting, I do the best I can to make them laugh and have a good time.


Thank you for taking the time to read about me. I'm honored to partner with Basic Invite. 


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