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Gina B Photography - San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer

Being a wedding photographer in California has so many perks. You can be in the forest, in a barn, in a gorgeous ballroom, or on the beach within the span of a single day. Every day is different and every day I get to work with amazing couples on one of the most joyful days of their lives, surrounded by close friends and family. I get to look through my lens into a tiny window into their relationship, their families, and document everything I can.

This wedding was no exception. It was held at the Purple Orchid Resort & Spa, in the rolling hills of Livermore, California. The venue didn’t need much decoration as the beautiful landscape provided the perfect backdrop for the reception and ceremony. The light touches of table centerpieces and paper decorations were just the perfect amount to personalize the space.

The vineyard and olive trees began to glow as the sun set in quite an epic fashion. We had carved out time for portraits at the precise moment of “Golden Hour”, and it truly did not disappoint. And without a doubt, the couple were blissfully happy, which really came out in the photography that day.

Every minute they spent together, even the casual observer could tell they were in love. One guest even commented that they looked like movie stars - completely true! I worked to capture that feeling in my photography that day.

I’ve been to so many weddings as a photographer. At first you count them - treasuring each and every one as you learn and grow. Eventually you lose count, and the number you’ve shot ceases to matter. Only the memories linger. With each season, the work ebbs and flows, and as each wedding approaches, I still get emotional with excitement, anxiety, and giddiness that I am still able to do what I love for a living.

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