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Hi, my name is Alex and I am a wedding photographer from Michigan. I always had a camera close to me, even before I started a photography class in High School. I didn't shoot weddings until a friend asked me to shoot his wedding and the rest is history.

I would describe my style as photo-journalistic. That means I mostly document the wedding day and the story as it unfolds without too much interference. This shooting style captures the raw emotion of all the people involved in the bride and groom’s wedding day. I love to focus on these such moments during the day. That is why I love photography so much. It enables me to capture a moment that is gone forever, impossible to reproduce. The wedding cake will be eaten, the music will fade but the moment captured and preserved on a digital negative will last a lifetime.

During the wedding day, I like to focus on the emotion and special moments. I also give my couples and family members enough directions when posing them. I like to keep it very simple to make the images look as natural and candid as possible. This includes smiling, kissing and just having a good time. By taking over thousands and thousands of images throughout my career as a wedding photographer, it gives me the ability to anticipate the moment and freeze it inside the frame.

It wasn't easy to pick a favorite photo shoot since all my wedding shoots are unique and are my favorites. I have chosen this particular wedding set because I enjoyed capturing the joy and emotion between this particular couple.

My favorite part of the wedding day are the dances. The bride and the groom, the mother and the groom, the father and the bride are all by themselves on the dance floor and are the center of attention. They are dancing to a song which they have carefully selected and this music creates a very emotional three to four minutes.

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