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I glanced into the rearview mirror, and was pleasantly met with a glowing face telling me the entire love story of how she got to this day. The most important day of her life thus far - her wedding day.


I love hearing the stories, and seeing the emotion on the bride's and groom's faces. Capturing these priceless moments are what wedding photography is all about. The privilege of sharing those intimate moments and being the one to bring joy, forever, through captured memories, is what I love most about wedding photography.


To be honest, I grew up thinking I was going to be a Fashion Designer. And although, I dabbled and truly have always enjoyed photography, I never thought of it as a profession I was interested in. That is, until I was shown the true magic of photography.

It was only weeks after finally landing my first job out of college that I met and quickly got acquainted with the photographer at the start-up I worked for. We went on adventure after adventure, all for the thrill of capturing the perfect moments - sunsets, sunrises, beaches, valleys, nearby hills and mountains, and even the occasional star trails. It was this adventure, that peeked my interest, and it was capturing the perfect moments that kept me hooked. I soon realized that my love for photography far surpassed any other field, even fashion. I learned the ropes - how to shoot, how to edit, and eventually decided to get the best camera I could afford, some great new lenses, and a new business. Once I opened this avenue up, I was surprised to find that I had already acquired a few fans of my photography who had been following my work on Instagram for a while. Within my first month, I had a couple of weddings, and a couple other events lined up faster than I'd imagined and I was ecstatic!

My favorite event I've shot thus far, is the wedding of a friend of mine from high school to her college sweetheart.


On a 27 acre farm on a steep hill, with beautiful rolling vineyards, and set at golden hour, it was a dream wedding to work on. One of my favorite parts of the wedding was getting to shoot the bride riding to the alter on a beautiful chestnut brown horse.


The weather was perfect, the guests were all pleasant and sweet, and the family was a pleasure to work with. Working without assistants, and on a very small budget, I still managed to get shots I was proud of and put a smile on the bride and groom's faces. From 11am, when the girls got their makeup and hair done, until the last guest left at 11pm, I shot to my heart's content.

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I'll leave you with a quote about Hockey, that I think applies to photography just as well:

"You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take." –Wayne Gretzky

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