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Winter Tree Studios - Featured Photographer

Nothing from your wedding can connect people with memories like photography. It gives you a perspective on love and beauty you just can't find anywhere else. A finely crafted print or album is often one of the few things that a bride will keep from her wedding day. Besides the groom, of course.


People have been getting married for centuries. As style and technology has changed, the way we see our weddings has changed right along with it. Today's couples are more sophisticated and wedding photography is more exciting, stylish, and romantic than ever before.


I'm Nathan Larimer and capturing amazing weddings is my life. For years I have photographed them, filmed them, and written about them. Capturing the most unbelievable moments. Connecting people with memories.


As an award winning artist specializing in wedding, portrait, and fine art photography creating compelling imagery is my ultimate passion. In 2010 I received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design after studying at the Savannah, Georgia and Lacoste, France campuses. In that same year I published Imprint, my first book of photographs, and continue to grow my list of awards and exhibitions. In 2014 I founded Prince Gallery for emerging and local art. I find infinite support and love in my wife Cara, son Archie, and our two dogs in our humble Petaluma, California home. Going forward I hope to have a fruitful career as an artist, thinker, and visual translator of any glimmer of beauty I am fortunate enough to capture.

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