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A Wedding in the Poconos - Alana Davis Photography

Kylee and Yoffree’s wedding in the Poconos Mountains was probably one of my very favorite weddings to shoot. It took place in the fall, on an evening when the air was crisp and the leaves were beautiful. I was also very pregnant at the time, so having that cool autumn air was perfect._MG_1365_MG_0126_MG_0127_MG_0132_MG_0120_MG_0126e I shoot with my husband Francisco. He has a background in both Fine Arts and digital media. When we shoot weddings together there is an unspoken intuitive understanding of just what images need to be taken by the other. We really work well together._MG_0126hjf _MG_0126j _MG_0126lk _MG_0126dg b_MG_0126 _MG_1403 _MG_0173_MG_hjl0126Kylee , Francisco and I all went to art school together. So I was thrilled when she asked if we could photograph her wedding. She is an amazing painter and has such a keen eye for design and a fresh sensibility. She styled everything the way an artist would, with beautiful attention to detail. The best weddings, as with any photo shoots, are the ones that have been thoughtful planned with the couples unique perspective in mind. Kylee and Yoffree’s wedding excelled at just that. So we as photographers, are able to illustrate their vision in a beautiful narrative via photography._MG_0126dgsa_MG_1607_MG_agpsd_MG_0310 _MG_1659 _MG_1642_MG_1670 agagI’ve been shooting since I was 10 years old when my grandmother bought me my first Polaroid Camera. When I moved to Brooklyn, and studied Photography in college, I shot mostly film, and I loved it. It was fortuitous that at the time I was finishing up my degree, digital photography became very popular because its quality could stand along side what film was doing quite well. _MG_1522_MG_0417_MG_06a _MG_w0310 _MG_0435 af a  Our fine arts background lets us bring a slower more thoughtful process to the work but digital photography allows the freedom to shoot a lot, get very creative and give more to clients than would have been available otherwise, shooting film. _MG_1886_MG_1953_MG_0715Our favorite time to shoot is at Sunset. That soft, warm light that transitions into a darker evening lit by string lights makes everything look magical. Kylee and Yoffree were not only beautiful subjects to photograph, it felt comfortable and we are so grateful to have collaborated on making these photographs of such a special day.

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