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Pastel Pinks, Accents of Gold, & Draping Greenery

Rachel Evelyn Photography - Southwest Michigan Wedding Photographer

Hello! I’m Rachel, an engagement and wedding photographer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am a natural light photographer currently serving the Southwest Michigan area. My passion is providing clients with tangible memories of one of the biggest days in their lives. I photograph everything from the big “wow” moments, all the way to the close and intimate emotions shared between two people that love each other. I would describe my style as photo-journalistic, as I like to interfere as little as possible and document their story as it unfolds before me. While I do balance with instruction and posing throughout the day, keeping things simple provides a candid and natural experience.

I have been a wedding photographer for 5 years now, and still get butterflies before every  wedding. I take great pride in being chosen to capture these moments for such special people, and providing them with memories so they can share their story for the rest of their lives. 

Below is an intimate and trendy wedding from this past year at The Kalamazoo Country Club in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The genuine love between this couple and their closest family and friends, shines through in each expression and embrace. Each detail, from the pastel pinks found in her bouquet, along with the simple and elegant accents of gold and draping greenery, balance perfectly with the beauty and happiness of the day.

Alyssa and Neal were an absolute joy to get to know. The below images are some of my favorites from this past year. Enjoy!

Alyssa+Neal | Classic Summer Wedding

RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer1 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer2 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer3 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer4 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer5 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer6 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer7 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer8 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer9 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer10 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer11 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer12 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer13 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer14 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer15 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer16 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer17 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer18 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer19 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer20 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer21 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer22 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer23 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer24 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer25 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer26 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer27 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer28 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer29 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer30 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer31 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer32 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer33 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer34 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer35 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer36 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer37 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer39 RachelEvelynPhotography_WeddingPhotographer40Father/daughter dances get me every time..


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