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Wedding Memories & Fine Art


For years I’ve dabbled in many types of photography: newborn, family, studio, but in 2012 I found my niche in weddings. They are the perfect setting for me to roam creatively free in an atmosphere of love with decorations galore to overwhelm my senses.


I have too much fun!  Armed with a 5d Markiii I leave my worries behind, enjoy a few laughs with the couples that grace me with their presence and snap away.


My photography style is journalistic in nature, with a touch of fine art.  My true goal, however, is to capture the moments that make it memorable:



the love that sparks between the newlyweds...


the relationship of a father giving his daughter away or the tears shed when a mother dances with her son one last time.


It's true love- real time. 

Its hard to say which wedding is my favorite.  Each brings a smile to my face and resonates with me in a special way.  Usually, its the couples themselves; they loosen up around their friends and get a little silly which makes me laugh.  Sometimes its the textures, colors, and details in the decor that excite me.  But every time it’s the pause this life-event brings me. I say a little prayer for the couple before me and ponder my wedding of old. (Deep breath! Dare I even think of my own children getting married?!)


I love everything about weddings this one and the next. I am truly honored for the time I get to spend celebrating with these families.

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