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This year I was fortunate enough to shoot my very first beach wedding and my third wedding in Florida. I'm located near Asheville, NC - so the ocean is a totally different ball game than The Blue Ridge Mountains in my backyard.


"A Beach Wedding" was on my bucket list. So when Cody & Chelsea asked me if I had their October 2016 wedding date open for an on the beach wedding I almost fainted I was so excited. Turns out I did, but I had a wedding booked that Sunday in Asheville, too. Naturally - I did both. I think that says a lot about me and my business right there; I'm always up for a challenge. I drove down to Florida on Thursday and I was back in Asheville by Sunday afternoon for an equally gorgeous wedding in a local vineyard.

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When I got to the venue I started with the detail shots, which are easily one of my favorite aspects of wedding photography. I'm sure people got quite a laugh when I was laying in the sand to get the perfect shot of her bouquet with seashells under it and the ocean behind it. I am not afraid to get dirty while working and there is a reason I don't show up in dresses.

The boys had time for their pictures before the ceremony and it was hot so I tried to keep things moving pretty quickly. We took a few silly pics of the boys that we didn't mention to the bride because while I'm shooting the wedding I'm also keeping in mind what it'll be like for them to flip through their final gallery as a married couple and relive their day... and I knew she'd get a huge kick out of the picture of the boys jumping like teenage girls. He's laughing at my awesome jokes (which are complimentary when you purchase one of my wedding packages).

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Were her bridal shots that day in a small bathroom with gorgeous lighting? Was I standing on a toilet? Who knows.

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I promised Chelsea that I would get Cody's reaction and I meant it when I said I would do my best. I love catching true emotion in pictures. So when that tear rolled down his cheek I almost cried and I knew she would when she saw it.

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My favorite part about their wedding? The laughter. At this wedding a lot of the laughter was due to the fact the waves tried to drown us and we spent quite a bit of time running (unsuccessfully) from high tide. But that's what made these pictures so fun - the adventurous spirit they had when it came to pictures. They were up for anything.

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That's all I want to do -  tell my clients' stories. Chelsea and Cody's story was full of sunshine, sand, saltwater, and love.


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