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Photography started out as a creative outlet for me and slowly became a career. My name is Amber Verdier and I am the owner of Verdier Photography in Nixa, MO. I have shot everything from weddings to babies and have enjoyed every minute of it. My first digital camera was a Canon 20D, a gift from my husband, before I even owned a point and shoot. I held on to my trusty old Canon film camera for as long as I could before I stepped into the world of digital. After that I never looked back. 

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I started working with a photographer who put her trust in me as a second photographer for weddings (thanks Kimber!) and I learned everything by experience. I opened up my own business in 2010 after spending a few years developing my style. I have never been a technical photographer and have struggled for years with comparing myself to other people’s work. But I have finally become confident with my own approach. I shoot with emotion, what feels right at the moment?  What story am I trying to tell? I even imagine music that would be playing with that story! I admire all styles of photography but I am most comfortable in my own.20552060 20882124

It’s so difficult to choose a session to feature but this session with Josie is definitely one of my favorites. Natural light and nature are two things I love. Pair that with the perfect field, amazing light, and a happy baby and it’s a recipe for a great session. Sometimes everything just works out perfect for a great result. Every photographer knows that not every session is a homerun but every session is a learning experience. And that is what makes this business so much fun.   2149 216921832185

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