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Jamie and Oscar's wedding day definitely goes down in my books as one of my favorite wedding days! They are such a sweet, fun and relaxed couple -- I just liked being around them. They are both from a small town on the border of Idaho and Oregon and they chose to get married in a local park up there. I loved that they chose to get married close to home to make sure that all of their family would be able to attend!

The park they chose was beautiful, and when the sun set it had the most amazing, warm light that spread over their entire reception. Everything from their ceremony, to dinner, to the dance party later that night was just so much fun! The groom's mother and family prepared the most delicious homemade Mexican taco buffet for dinner, and they served homemade horchata and limeade to go along with it. (this may be one of my favorite meals of all time and probably added a great deal to my love for this wedding!) They also had a few Pinata's tied up in trees for guests and little kids to play with during the reception -- how fun is that? And if that wasn't enough, they also had a live mariachi band to go along with the ambiance of the evening.

Once the sun set, they moved the party over to a County Fair barn for a huge dance party! I hate to admit it, but sometimes wedding's can get a little repetitive after you've been to so many, but Jami and Oscar's kept me entertained and loving my job the whole day! I love being around couples that are happy, in love and want everyone else to enjoy their special day as much as they are! I definitely felt that with Jami and Oscar. If I had to describe their wedding in one word, it would be "fun" and I will always remember that about this day!

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