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Aloha, my name is Caitlin, the girl behind the camera. I have been a photographer for a little over two years, but my journey began several years ago. In high school I had dreams of becoming a director for the big screen. I went to college and earned a degree in electronic media and film, but I also met and fell in love with the man of my dreams. He joined the Army, and my life goals were put aside in order to accommodate our new military life. I desperately wanted to find something that I could be passionate about. My father is a photographer, and during a discussion with him about his work, the light bulb went off; photography is the antecedent of videography. After learning the technical side of the still camera, I realized the artistic side was very similar to film, and the rest is history.

My husband and I moved to Hawaii where I officially launched my business…and let me tell you, I could not have asked for a better location to create such stunning art. My passion has led me to fall in love with various genres of photography, with an emphasis on a lifestyle approach. I love capturing people in their natural state; who does not love a candid smile and laughter? I frequently photograph families, but maternity is my true passion.


As a natural light photographer I enjoy working at sunrise. As difficult as it is to wake up before the sun, this time of day is invaluable. I tell all of my clients, “I know it’s hard to wake up so early, but when you’re the only one on the beach, you press your toes in the cool sand, smell the fresh air, and you see the sun breach the horizon, it’s TOTALLY worth it”. By the end of the session my clients no longer need convincing!

Brandy and Alex’s session is one of my favorites. Not just because it was a maternity session, but because of their story. They had suffered two miscarriages prior to this successful pregnancy. The fear they felt leading up to their son’s birth was a constant struggle given the tragedies they had endured. The love Brandy and Alex have for each other and their child is immense. As I photographed them, they needed little direction from me; capturing their love was effortless. I remember my heart just exploding with pride, excitement, joy, and love as every click of the shutter was magical. My passion was the highest it has ever been that day, I was truly on cloud nine. My drive home felt like an eternity, as I just wanted to get to my computer and begin editing.

Sessions like Brandy and Alex’s are exactly why my job is not just a job. It is a love and a passion. I get to capture moments in time for my clients, moments that will never fade. They are tangible, beautiful, and forever.

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