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Three Continents Photography - Joyful Family Session| Northern Virginia Family Photographer

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Photography isn’t my first career. It’s not even my second or third. But it is the one that I truly love. I wish I had been brave enough to do this earlier in my life, but then again, I think that everything else has made me into who I am, not just as a person, but also as an artist and photographer. You can find more about my work at

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I have two goals for every session. My very first goal for any picture I make is to evoke emotions. The biggest compliment I get from clients is that their images make them cry and smile at the same time.

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My second goal is to capture people as true to their personality as possible. At one of my family sessions, please let your wild child run free and your shy child peek out from behind you. If your messy child ends up with dirty knees 10 minutes into the photo shoot, so be it. The images resulting from your session should be as unique as you are as a family.

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This session is still one of my favorites, and I smile when I look through these pictures. It was late in the year, past the very busy season of October, and way past any colorful foliage that clients, and I too, love. The family agreed to my suggestion to have their pictures taken during the golden hour, the hour before sun sets, and the light became magical on this sunny day.

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Their little boy was three when we took these pictures, and well, he was wild as most three year olds are! We engaged him in play and his parents and I must have logged several miles that afternoon running with him, and after him.

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What made this session perfect was that mom and dad let go of any expectation of a “perfect” family shot and just played with their son. It didn’t matter if he looked at the camera, it didn’t matter if he stomped through mud, and it almost didn’t matter that he outran us all. What mattered that afternoon was that he had fun with his parents.

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When I look at these pictures, I can see that he is loved. And one day, when he is older and asks to see pictures of when he was little, he will be able to tell from looking through these images that he was adored (and also that his parents are super cool people).

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