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The Fashion of Cosplay

Hi all! I am Jaclyn of Jaclyn Barnhart Photography out of Central Ohio. I've always loved taking pictures, but I never thought about it being my career till high school when I fell in love with developing my own film and messing around in the dark room. I had a wonderful high school photography teacher (Mrs. Bacon) who helped me discover my love for photography. Photography is how I get people to understand who I am. I love capturing high school seniors, families, fashionistas, cosplayers, babies, college graduates, weddings, landscapes, and nature.

It was so hard to pick just one shoot, I do so many different things, I am currently working on some cosplayers, and fashion photo shoots.

I recently did a fashion shoot of my friend Chiann which went really well despite how freezing it was. Chiann was a wonderful model and I cannot wait to shoot with her again.chiann-4-copyright chiann-1-copyright

These photos of Chiann were taken inside our downtown library and in their little topiary garden out back. I love natural lighting and that is what I try to capture when I take my portraits.


I am never one to shy away from a challenge and this shoot did just that it challenged me to step out of my comfort zone of landscapes, and nature shoots. My mom always called me her hippie child because I was always "one with nature". I had never done a fashion shoot before this and I am so happy that Chiann picked me to take these photos of her!

I mentioned cosplay at the beginning and my most recent cosplay shoot was Red Riding Hood with a friend name Mitzi. I was looking for someone a while ago to bring this character to life for me and she volunteered her time and I was so excited after I had edited all the photos.


Mitzi was wonderful to shoot as well. She is one I will always ask to model for me if I need to add to my portfolio. The Red Riding Hood shoot was so fun. It was like looking at the actual story through my camera lens. I cannot wait to do my cosplayers.


I am so grateful to Basic Invite for choosing me as a featured photographer.

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  • Sandra Bacon

    This. This site. Your work. Your passion. All makes my heart swell. Don't ever hesitate to take that next step. Never stop learning and playing. I'm very proud of all that you have accomplished. All I did was plant the seed; nudged it now and then to make it grow. Now it's up to you. ♥

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