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Hey everyone! My name is Anthony Godines. First and foremost I am a husband, father, Texas wedding and portrait photographer based in San Angelo Texas. I'm 25 years old and somehow I'm still able to work a full time job and shoot weddings on the weekend. Not as crazy as it sounds!

I've recently started branching out into the state of Texas and destination weddings which has allowed me to run two wedding studios or brands you could say, one for my current city and the other for Texas and destination weddings. I shoot weddings and couples differently now than when I started about a year and a half ago. In the beginning it was all posing and direction, do this do that, no real connection between my couples. Now I photograph couples connecting together, genuinely enjoying each other with a hint of posing guidance. I place couples into faltering poses and give them activities to do, things to say and games to play. This leads to true reactions, true emotions and most importantly allows my couples to reconnect, escape the hustle and bustle of life, simply enjoy each other again and have true memories associated with their images.

When it comes to light, I love shooting natural but I also know a thing or two when it comes to  flash and strobes. I often find myself stuck between the two. "To shoot with flash or to not?" This is a question I constantly ask myself on shoots and the wedding day. But, in an effort to work quickly and stay engaged with my subjects I usually stay with natural light.

What do y'all prefer, natural light or artificial?

Here's some of my favorite images from a recent wedding along with their engagement images as well.

Hope y'all enjoy!


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