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Tayler Brianne Photography, Damascus MD

My name is Tayler, for the past two years I've been building Tayler Brianne Photography. With a small town heart and a big city dream, I've been so fortunate to have met such a wonderful family of clients who trust me with the most important thing of all, their memories. Nothing gives me more happiness than looking back at the photos I've captured and seeing those natural smiles. From the engagement session to the wedding, I enjoy capturing the raw emotion. Being a wedding photographer is the most rewarding role I've had yet to play. I'm so excited to show you one of my favorite sessions.

Emily and Joey's engagement session had so much personality and truly captured their relationship through the lens. From the dock sinking under my feet as I captured "that shot", to the geese who seemed to follow us every time we searched for a new spot to use. Most of all, it was nothing but laughs and love.

And did I even mention that they brought a third family member along? Meet Rufus.

Tayler Brianne Photography

Have you ever thought about what a good ole' American love story looks like? I was humbled enough to witness it come alive in front of my camera. Emily and Joey are the very definition of small town, big hearts...

My favorite part of being a photographer is setting up the pose and then capturing the genuine moments. It's never 1-2-3 smile! It's SO much more than that.

I remember walking through the trail to find our next spot and going "OOH! Guys stand next to this tree!" I don't think Emily and Joey understood why that tree was the perfect spot, however I saw the light hitting their hair perfectly. That's my favorite part of photography, when my clients see the final product and they understand why we stopped at the places we did.

And you see that ring on Emily's finger? Well let's see just how great of a job joey did...

Joey did great. I think it's safe to say. Seems like even Rufus thinks so....

This rustic inspired engagement shoot was one for the books and I am beyond excited to capture Emily and Joey's big day next year!

Photography: Tayler Brianne Photography


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